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What NOT to do to market your products and services online. Banner Ads, Click for Click Ads, Web Rings, Link Exchange, Unsolicited Email, Search Engine Registration.

Banner Ads, Click for Click Ads and Web Rings make your website look unprofessional. Link Exchange programs don't work any more. Put good content on your site, link to useful sites and others will eventually link to your site. Trying to manipulate inbound links will get your site banned by Google. If you want to get on the first page of Google and Yahoo, use AdWords and the Yahoo Directory.

Unsolicited Email will get your IP banned and your web host will drop you like a hot potato. Offers to register your site with the "Top 500 Search Engines" are scams. There aren't "500" or even "250" search engines and only two search engines matter any more: Google and Yahoo. You can submit your site to them yourself. Then get yourself listed in a couple of relevant industry related directories.

Google AdWords
Probably the best bang for your advertising buck online. Get your business on the first page of Google for pennies a day. A great way to enter the online advertising market cautiously and maintain control over your costs.

Yahoo! Directory
Although Google has 60% of the search market, Yahoo retains a large chunk of the rest. The cost is upfront, but over the long haul could be less than AdWords. Not what it used to be, but still worthwhile.

dmoz Open Directory Project
As good as Yahoo Directory and free.

Librarians' Internet Index
#3 general directory. Not in the same league as dmoz and Yahoo, but free. Who do you go to for information - the librarian. So do lots of other people.

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